Welcome to CIFE STORE, the online shop of CIFE Group.

From our shop CIFE Store you can acquire all kinds of publications and services: books, study and training material, different types of products from our specialization areas, as well as make registration and payment to training courses, activities and events that we offer from CIFE Group.

Design & Editions is the publications department of CIFE Group, which brings great value and quality to our projects, fully customized and adapted for each type of client and group with which we collaborate.

Our editorial department brings together a large number of professional experts in different lines of work, ranging from editorial graphic design, design of garments and personalized technical equipment, creation of web pages, mobile applications, databases, to creation and editing of technical, teaching and corporate videos, with more than 20 years of experience.

Currently our lines of specialization focus on the areas of:

  • Security Sciences
  • Forensic Science
  • Health Sciences
  • Sports Science
  • Integral Prevention of Labor Risks
  • Self-protection
  • Classical and Modern Martial Arts
  • Practice Shooting Disciplines (IPSC, USPSA, etc ...)
  • High Performance Training
  • Applied Psychology