NINNIKU YOROI - The armour of perseverance
MSc. Alex Esteve

with the supervision, authorization and foreword of Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi

  • Idioma/s: English (Hard cover)
  • Editorial: CIFE Design & Editions (CIFE Group)
  • Año: 2021
  • Edición: First edition
  • Páginas: 182 full color on high quality paper of 135 gr.
  • Dimensiones: Hard cover with bookmark (17 x 24)

In this new work, Ninniku Yoroi: The Armour of Perseverance, Alex Esteve presents a journey through the history and evolution of Japanese armour, from its beginnings in ancient Japan in the Yamato period (250 AD - 710 AD) to the present day. This work, with more than 250 hand-drawn illustrations and photographs, is a starting point into the fascinating world of Japanese armour, from historical, anthropological perspectives, and also from the practical point of view of the most iconic of Japanese warrior castes: the samurai and ninja.

  • Alex Esteve has been studying and practising martial arts for a long time, and he is an excellent instructor. He is also an authentic warrior, a jissen-sha.

    Sincerely, this is a marvellous book from a practical and cultural point of view.

    Sōke Masaaki Hatsumi

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